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Shrimp Curry $59.95



Serves Three 30 shrimp


a flavour-filled shrimp curry with an aromatic coconut curry sauce cooks in no time from scratch! forget jarred sauces….this sauce will have you licking your plates clean!

Cook an incredible dinner with minimal ingredients with our Shrimp Curry recipe. A
coconut curry sauce made with minimal ingredients simmers around tender shrimp makes
for an incredible dinner. You’ll be surprised at how GOOD this is!.

Baking from Frozen: .
From frozen, microwave the curry sauce for 2-3 minutes .
In a pan mix the Curry sauce and shrimp to heat , serve with
brown or white rice.

Curry Powder, curry paste, chopped onion , chipped garlic, milk ,
flour , lemon juice ,cilantro , Coconut flake , sherry wine


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