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Jumbo Oyster 20 Oyster $120.00



Serves Ten


One of the jewels of the sea, the Manny’s jumbo oyster is the essence of the ocean
captured in one incredible gourmet bite. Straight from the West Coast and dusted with
traditional Manny’s spices and rolled in panko breadcrumbs.
Enjoy with your favorite sauce for a crisp, briny taste of the sea. It’s like a visit to the
shore, but without getting sand everywhere.
Twenty 4 oz .

Baking from Frozen: .
From frozen, bake a preheated 375ºF conventional oven on
a sheet tray for 16-18 minutes until little light brown .
Please do not microwave

Oysters, Water, Panko Bread Crumbs, Batter (flour, eggs,,
seasoning ) Seasoning spices[including red pepper and black
pepper], paprika).
Panko for coating the out side of the oyster


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