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Jumbo Lump Crabcake $138.95 10 Crab Cake



Serves Six Crab Cakes


These colossal crab cakes are huge! They are made from the same recipe as our Perfect
Famous Manny’s Crab Cakes but sized for hearty appetites. We use only the finest hand
picked crab meat in all our signature crab cakes. Loaded with crab, mixed with our
special Roux for binders and seasonings, using a crab cake recipe that has been
perfected over many years. These colossal crab cakes are a sight to behold, and to eat!
Six 5 oz. crab cakes; each crab cake serves one

Baking from Frozen: .
From frozen, bake a preheated 375ºF conventional oven on
a sheet tray for 16-18 minutes until little light brown .
Please do not microwave

Pasteurized Crabmeat, Red Pepper, Garlic powder
mustard , butter, Sherry Wine, Flour for binding,
milk, Saffron , panko for coating the crab cake


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