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Italy Classic $52.95



Serves 2


Manny’s Alfredo sauce is locally known for its amazing Alfredo Sauce. A rich and
creamy Parmesan cheese sauce is made even better when paired with freshly sautéed
shrimp over Linguini. This dish is perfect for when you want a dinner that is rich and
Alfredo sauce with pasta works so well because you use fresh butter, cream, and
Parmesan cheese. Parmesan cheese is a dry slightly salty and nutty cheese that
always adds the special touch many Italian dishes. In Alfredo shrimp pasta, shrimp is
perfectly seasoned and cooked in a seasoned butter to give the shrimp a little
something extra.

Baking from Frozen: .
From frozen: 1- Heat the linguini in microwave for 4 minutes. 2-
Heat the Alfredo sauce in microwave for3 minute .
3-Heat the shrimp for 3 minutes
4-In a pan sauté the shrimp and the Alfredo sauce for 3 minutes
pure the shrimp and the Alfredo sauce on top of Linguini with
pinch of parmesan cheese.

mussels, shrimp, clam, squid, and scallops .
tomato marinara –olive oil , and seasoning
(Oregano, bay leaves fresh garlic, Sherry wine ,


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