Manny’s Place serves word best jumbo crabcakes, seafood, and specialty entrees. Starting from our Bala Cynwyd “gourmet to go” concept represents the future of Food Truck – Fast, healthy, gourmet that heated and ready to eat.

Proven Model

Profitable concept estimated average sales per truck $200K~250K0 gross

Award-winning, simple menu

15 + years of operations

Manny’s Commissary would be able to supply partially some or all the menu items based on the franchisee desire.

Award-Winning Crab Cakes

Simple menu

Seafood, chicken, meat ,salads & housemade sides

Growth Segment: Prepared Ready-to-Serve on Site

Hectic lives demand simple, but high quality solutions, and Manny’s Place makes that happen by offering preprepared cooked foods from the truck to your mouth, providing a delicious meal in just few minutes with affordable cost. Of course, all items contain no additives or preservatives and are provided with Nutritional Facts . Manny’s seafood items offering an alternative to burgers, pizza .

Simple, easy and the highest quality ingredients

Quality of Life

Limited staffing needs

Truck franchisee can decide to be open 7 days with flexible hours

Why You Should be Part of the Food Truck Industry with Manny’s Chiq-filet

Food trucks offer plenty of exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. Here are some benefits of choosing this niche:

  • Location independence: Your truck can go wherever potential customers are. If there’s a big event or area with lots of foot traffic on any given night, catering, you can set up there to reach more people
  • Low startup costs: You don’t need a dedicated location or a huge team to run a food truck. So it can be easier to break into the industry.
  • Built-in advertising: When you set up at an event or drive across town, your truck gets seen. If you have a catchy logo or design, this automatically helps you build brand recognition without extra advertising.
  • Multiple income streams: Food trucks don’t have to only offer food at festivals and high-traffic areas. You can also offer catering to diversify your income streams & brand recognition.

1. Research Food Trucks Locally

If you want to be a successful food truck owner, you need to understand your competition. Research other food trucks in your area to find a unique niche and learn the hot spots and trends in your local food truck scene.

2. Manny’s seafood and more is a Niche Market

Food truck customers often like unique menu items. Manny’s Chiq filet sets your business apart from other Food truck , like classics burgers and tacos.

3. Name and Brand Your Business

A catchy name and brand will make your business more memorable. Choose consistent design elements that are easy to read and communicate a style that appeals to your target customers.

4. Food Truck Business Plan

Once the location are designated Manny will make the first draft of business plane jointly for franchisee. Every business needs a plan things to include in your food truck business plan:

  • Market analysis: Look at other food truck owners in your area and consider demand from local customers.
  • Product and Service list: Meet with Manny jointly to create a menu and selling price
  • Price and understand all the ingredient private catering How will you market your business? And what expenses might come with your strategy?
  • Financial projections: Manny based on the market and price list, will update the business reflect what can you expect to earn? How does that compare to your projected expenses?

6. Menu List and Set Your Prices

Manny’s Chiq-filet is niche, create a short list of items you can make with limited ingredients. Price items based on demand and costs.

7. Secure a Truck

You need a truck that’s large enough to prepare and serve food. So, you have to findwhere to buy a food truck. You can find old vans or trucks in local classified ads and have them furbished with equipment. Or buy an existing food truck from a business broker. Keep your business and personal assets separate to simplify bookkeeping and build credit. Consider business credit cards for monthly purchases.

8. Form a Legal Entity and Register Your Business

All businesses need a legal entity; here are some for food truck operators to consider:All businesses need a legal entity; here are some for food truck operators to consider:

  • Sole proprietor: This can work for those who operate individually, but it offers no liability protection.
  • LLC: Offers liability and low startup costs; this is quite common for food truck operations.
  • Corporation: This offers liability protection and a different tax structure, but can be more complicated and costly to start.

9. Open a Business Bank Account

Keep your business and personal assets separate to simplify bookkeeping and build credit. Consider business credit cards for monthly purchases.

10. Get Business Insurance

Insurance can protect your assets if your business experiences any losses. Here are some common types for a mobile food business.

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Property coverage

Other Items to Do List

1- Get the Necessary Food Truck Equipment 2- Get a POS System 3- Source Your Ingredients 4- Sort Out Your Taxes 5- Apply for Permits and Food Truck Licenses 6- Create a Website and Market Your Business 7- On-Line ordering 8-Decide Where to Park 9- Employ Staff 10- Maintain Your Truck 11- Market Your Business and Expand 12- Social Media.

Manny will guide the franchisee regarding equipment list, where to purchase and where to Source Your Ingredients

Manny’s Place Way

We’re a franchise that’s passionate About food & great service


Manny’s was the brainchild of owners Manny and Sharyn Tehrani, who combined two of their greatest passions started Manny’s Place since 2005. love of food and love of people – into the wonderful brand experience customers have come to know.

Manny served as sous chef in five-star restaurants during his under graduate college years, with a dream of one day owning his own eatery. And for over 14 years, Sharyn traveled world-wide as a buyer in the retail industry. During this time she realized her natural affinity for people then offered her services in the non-profit sector for another 14 years. and retail industries brings to you what the Tehrani Family knows and enjoys best… top notch food and service with a smile! Known in their circle of friends and family as gracious hosts and fun-loving entertainers, they bring you these same hallmarks that have made their gatherings so popular over the last 25 years. Manny was soon making 5,000 crab cakes a week, including for over several restaurants, many of which passed them off as their own. Manny has sold hundreds of crab cakes on national shopping networks such as ShopNBC named the “Best Crab Cake”.


Manny’s Chiq-filet “gourmet to go” concept represents the future of food truck – Fast, healthy gourmet that prepared and heated ready to eat.

Research shows that:


wish they could cook a healthy food more quickly


are tired of eating none healthy food


are bored with comfort foods


are craving something new

Gourmet to Go solves this growing segment – especially for busy office worker and professionals who seek fast, healthy cuisine without the demands and concerns of limited time to eat.

Manny’s original menu has expanded to include meat ,homemade mashed potatoes, mac-cheese, chicken pot pies, seafood specialties, Italian dishes, and more.

Seafood , poultry and meat is purchased fresh

Each day the freshly prepared food is prepared in our food truck & and location.

Another source of revenue is partially cooked menu items and customer can take home and reheat with reheating instructions to finish at home in 12~15 minutes


Holiday Parties for special gathering with family and friends and corporate gathering that’s where Manny’s Catering can help

Food Truck Formats

Manny’s Chiq-filet Food Truck is a versatile concept that can operate in many different city and suburban locations & events:

  • Food Truck Festivals.
  • Food and Drink Festivals.
  • Financial Districts & Business Buildings.
  • Tourist Attractions.
  • City Parks.
  • Shopping Centres.
  • Sports Stadiums & Concert Venues.
  • Outdoor Music Festivals.


What distinguishes Manny’s Chiq-filet is our multiple revenue streams that include:

Economical Model: High-volume takeout without the expensive footprint of a conventional restaurant Multiple Dayparts: Sales traffic during lunch and dinner as customers pick up gourmet-to-go for later heating and serving Significant Catering Component: Our crab cakes and other specialties travel well for reheating at dinner parties, corporate events, receptions, and get-together Significant Catering Component: Our crab cakes and other specialties travel well for reheating at dinner parties, corporate eventsreceptions, and get-togethers Take Home Dining: It’s not the revenue leader, but it builds a following and adds to the profits take home item reheat for dinner

Profitable: Mix drives ticket sales and produces ranges estimated average Gross revenues of $250,000 / Year


Manny’s Chiq-filet sees its franchise partners as part of a growing family. We are motivated to see you succeed at every step.

Food Truck Selection andesign

Manny will support franchisee for selection of the food truck and design .

Business Plan

Manny’s Place will develop detail business plan showing 1st,2nd and 3rd year revenue forecast at no cost to franchisee

Food Truck Design

Manny’s Place will design the food truck jointly with based on Manny’s Place standard at no cost to franchisee

Franchise Coaching

Manny will provide online and field support to develop your marketing, retail sales, operations, and growth strategies through every stage of ownership.


We work with leading point-of-sale technology providers to help you serve your customers efficiently while running your business seamlessly.

Our POS system integrates inventory management, recipes, and sales and labor data with store schedules, catering, and third-party delivery.


Manny’s Place provides, targeted advertising, social media brand stories, seasonal promotions. Signage design , and more.



Step 1

Pre-qualification & Brand Introduction

Step 3

CEO Call

Step 5

Taking lunch break

Step 2

Application Brand Franchise Disclosure Document

Step 4

Discovery Day & Approval

Our Perfect Candidate


Manny’s Chiq-filet franchise owner should understand our “gourmet to go” brand position and unique concept – fast, healthy gourmet meals that you heat fully cooked ready to eat They should have a creative entrepreneurial spirit helps to succeed in food truck business.

Local Ownership

Franchise owners should live in or a round an area close to the store in Pennsylvania and for NJ and Delaware recommended not to far away from Philly for better support but this is all up to the franchisee since most of the food items are prepared by franchisee.

Hands-On Ownership

Franchise owners should be involved in the day-today operations

Community Leader

Franchise owners is desired to be involved with in their local community

Location Knowledge

Manny’s Chiq-filet want you to have a familiarity with your operations desired market.

Open a Manny’s Food Truck in 5 Easy Steps

Open a Manny’s chic-filet Food Truck in 5 Easy Steps

Are you ready to take the first step to own a Manny’s Place Food Track franchise? If you’ve explored our story and feel you would be a great candidate, follow these six steps to ownership.


Once you send in your request for more information, have an initial call with Manny. Together we will determine if you have the qualifications to join the brand, and how well the Manny’s Place Food Truck franchise will meet up with your goals and business objectives. We will then present the Manny’s Place story, the unique concept, what it means to be one of our franchise partners.


Complete the confidential Manny’s Place Franchise Application and receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This is an FTC required disclosure document for individuals considering a franchise investment. The FDD shares the essential due diligence information on the licensing arrangement. We will review in detail this document prior to signing an agreement.

The FDD shares the essential due diligence information on the licensing arrangement. We will review in detail this document prior to signing an agreement.


Next you will get the opportunity to have a 1-to-1 call with Manny the CEO where you can present your thoughts and ask key questions about your role in the business. Manny will do a deeper dive into how we help you set up and startup your new Manny’s Place Gourmet to Go Food Truck Franchise.


After a virtual walk-through, you will visit a Manny’s store to see “Gourmet To Go” in action. Come to our Support Center in PA to meet the team in person and get a hands-on look at the systems and processes used in a running store. This is a great opportunity to learn about the daily responsibilities, training, marketing, and more.


Congratulations! You are now one of our newest Manny’s Food Truck franchise owners. We help you with regarding where to get the truck, equipment, ingredients and so on.

Our end-to-end training program ensures that you are fully prepared to launch the business, including onsite training at Manny’s Place before, during, and after your opening. We want to ensure that you are ready to deliver a gourmet experience right from the start.

Once the truck is set up, and have your Manny’s Place Food Truck come to life!

Manny Food Store Inc. (DBA Manny’s Place) is 100% privately owned and operated by the company’s original founders. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, our primary business objective is to franchise and market our unique concept initially on the East Coast, later be followed by a national roll out.

Manny’s Place understands that hectic lives demand simple, but high quality solutions.So we’ve focused on combining the benefits of both take out and casual dining,while also providing catering, delivery and online ordering services. We offer fully prepared foods from our stores to your oven, providing a delicious meal in just minutes with minimal effort. And you can take comfort in knowing that our products contain no additives or preservatives and are free of peanut oil. Whether you’re enjoying an array of our succulent seafood, one of our home style sides or a crisp rotisserie chicken, slow-roasted to perfection, you can feel good about dining with Manny’s Place. For those who choose our take out services, our unique concept allows customers to visualize our varied food offerings through display cases. Once a selection has been made, we provide 2 options for food preparation – either partially preparing their order and including home finishing cooking instructions or fully cooking the order, so the products can be enjoyed the minute the customer gets home. In addition, for those customers wishing to select a product and enjoy it on the spot, Manny’s Place caters to those who wish to dine in with us. Our wait staff takes your order table-side, serving you with a smile.Like we always say, “when you’re not prepared for dinner, we’ve got dine prepared for you!

Food Items in Display Cases Visual

Visual Selection




MANNY’S chiQ-filet Sandwiches

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