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Owners Moe and Sharyn Tehrani brought about a brainchild of two great passions, love of food and love of people.

Moe served on demand as sous chef in four star restaurants during his under grad college years with a dream of one day owning his own eatery. Sharyn traveled world-wide as a buyer in the retail industry for 14 years and realizing her natural affinity for people…..

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Hectic lives demand simple, but high quality solutions, and Manny’s Place makes that happen. Fully prepared foods from our stores to your oven provide a delicious meal in just minutes with minimal effort. And take comfort knowing that our products contain no additives or preservatives and are peanut oil free. So whether you are enjoying an array of our succulent seafood accompanied by any of our home style sides or a crisp rotisserie chicken, slow-roasted to perfection, you can feel good about dining with Manny’s Place.

“When you’re not prepared for dinner, we’ve got dinner prepared for you!

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